To Interviewing a Broker


MarketING and SellING Your Property


When interviewing an agent, understand what services they offer and what services you are interested in. The following questions are designed to tell you if the agent is taking the listing for reasons other than getting your property SOLD!


  1. Do you work as a full-time Realtor?

  2. Do you have a full-time assistant?    What is their name and phone number?

  3. Will I be working with you directly, or will I be hearing from different people on your team?

  4. What professional designations do you have? i.e.-GRI, CRS, e-PRO, ABR, CCIM, etc., and what does this mean for me as your client?  For a description of each designation and it's logo, Click Here

  5. In what area and in what facet of the market do you specialize?

  6. Do you have a written marketing plan specifically designed to sell my house?

  7. Do you attend local, state, and national REALTOR meetings?   How often?

  8. How often do you market properties directly to buyers?

  9. Who will show my house from a sign call?

  10. Will you produce a professional flyer about my home with pictures displaying my home?

  11. Can I see samples of your brochures?

  12. Do you have a written business plan and mission statement?

  13. How often will I hear from you after my home is listed with you?   How will you contact me?

  14. What software do you use to track the activities in  marketing my home?

  15. Describe the advertising you do personally to market my home.

  16. How does your company advertise my home?

  17. Can I cancel my listing with you if you do not meet my expectations?  How do I cancel?

  18. How do you find potential buyers?   Do you have a system to identify potential buyers?

  19. In what ways do you encourage other Realtors to sell my property? How do you network?

  20. Do you work with affiliates?   e-PRO Referral Network, Women's Council?,  Other local Boards?

  21. What can I do to help sell my property?

  22. How many listings do you have right now?   What percentage of them usually sell?   In the past year?

  23. Do you have an internal marketing plan within your company?   Please describe it.

  24. Do you have a personal Web site?   The address is?  Who owns your domain name?

  25. Do you have an e-mail address?  The address is?  (If it is an AOL address, understand that the Agent will need to take special measures to make sure you get quality information through this communication channel.  Ask him or her what limitations they have and how do they get around them?)

  26. What presence have you developed through your marketing?

  27. Does your company have a Web site?   The address is?

  28. What does your Web site link to?  Click Here to check your candidate's web site's "link popularity"

  29. Do you have listings on

  30. Do you have your listings on

  31. Where else on the Web will I find your listings posted?

  32. Does it link to your personal Web site or home page?

  33. Do you have a list of references I can call?

  34. What automated communication tools do you use for 24-hour access and service?

For Allan's answers to these questions, Click Here

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